I Want to Break Free!

Venray, NL

For this exhibition, artist Eleni Kamma worked for over a year with the participants of KunstWerkPlaatsVenray, a creative daycare program for people with mental or physical vulnerability. In monthly sessions, Eleni talked with the participants of KunstWerkPlaats about topics such as freedom, daring to express yourself and how art can help them find a place for themselves in the world. Topics they then incorporated into their art. In the exhibition I WANT TO BREAK FREE! the artists introduce you to their infectious creativity, ideas, humor and artistic craftsmanship.

However, the artworks, shown on elegant tables and pedestals designed and configured by Aslı Çiçek, also touch on personal themes: dealing with illness and mental health, feeling at home somewhere or not, unfulfilled dreams and wishes. As such, I WANT TO BREAK FREE! is also a call for more openness about mental problems and showing vulnerability to each other.

Client: Stichting St. Odapark
Location: Odapark, Centre for Contemporary Art, Venray / NL
Curators: Eleni Kamma & Joep Vossebeeld
Execution: Volunteers of Odapark
Intern: Rafael Pamplona
Photography: Peter de Ronde

13.11.2022 - 26.02.2023
Odapark Centre for Contemporary Art,Venray / NL

With works by: Ingrid Achten, Joke Zwiers, Katrien van Pelt, Ans Houben, Elke Schwahn, Irene Simons, Karin Bonants, Annette Aerts, Twan Van Est, Nicole van Skipp, Renate, Petra, BarT, Mona, Monique, Nura, Ria, Antal, Marion, Ptje, Jet, Marieke, Fons, Henk, Jan, Door, Tineke, Paul, Antonet, Jeanne, Mieke, Hans en Eleni