Glass Wood structures

Antwerp/ BE, Athens/ GR, David Bergé | kyklàda press

The design of the glass wood structures is inspired by the traditional portable furniture Sini, which is used in domestic interiors on the Turkish country side. The elegant legs of the structures are foldable and become flat for easy transport. Once folded open a round glass plate with three holes is installed through the spikes on top of the legs and stabilises the structure. Two versions of these structures, on the heights of 85cm and 45cm respectively, are accompanied by simple stools which are mounted easily by sticking the perforated round plate through the dowels on three legs.

The project came to life by the invitation of the artist David Bergé to contribute to the installation The Conscious Effort Fort. The installation addresses reading and writing in the proximity of others. The first event took place between 20th and 23rd of May 2021 in Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp and will be traveling to several European cities.

Client: David Bergé | kyklàda press
Location: Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp / BE
String installation: Aemilia Papaphilippou
Sound installation: Ioana Mandrescu
Execution: Yiorgos Koufakis, Maan Halaoui, David Bergé (Athens / GR)
Production: kyklàda press with the support of Flemish Authorities (CAP), Platform 0090, Photographic Expanded
Assistant: Olivia De Bree
Photography: Maxime Prananto, David Bergé