Open air storage for KIS Collection Antwerp
Middelheim Park

2020 - 2021,
Antwerp, Department for Cultural Heritage

Permanent scenography for the open air storage of Art in the City collection
Open to public

For different reasons some pieces from the Kunst in de Stad (KIS) collection of Antwerp found their way to the open- air storage in Middelheim Park. Once meant for and installed in the public spaces of Antwerp these sculptures lie today taken out of their context on a paved surface.

The scenography focuses on these two aspects found on the site. The large concrete plates on the floor make a platform that reminds to a chess board due to the pieces spread randomly on it. In order to organise the sculptures a systematic, symmetrical arrangement over the surface is initiated. Existing abandoned concrete pedestals from the collection are re-used and only two new pedestals in concrete are added. All concrete pedestals are painted in a faint yellow to become members of the same family. Historically controversial pieces are brought in two small groups together and suggest a silent dialogue, perhaps a confrontation. Due to the different heights, widths and depth of the pieces the scenography profits from a spatial dynamic while the geometric arrangement radiates a calmness. Independent from which side the visitor will approach the KIS open air depot the views offer different layers, perspectives and stories.

Client: AG Culturele Instellingen Antwerpen / Erfgoed
Location: Middelheim Park, Antwerp / BE
Curator: Samuel Saelemaekers
Execution: Klaas Remmen bvba
Assistant: Olivia De Bree
Photography: Tom Cornille

Conversation with Samuel Saelemaekers, Neal Sheashore, Ellis Woodman and Aslı Çiçek, broadcasted in May 2021

Free access to public
Middelheimlaan 61
2020 Antwerpen

Visiting hours:
October Through March: 10am - 5pm
April & September: 10am - 7 pm
May through August: 10am - 8pm