Opening Across on Tour


Scenography, Brussels / BE

The exhibition Across on Tour opened on 15 June 2023 with the scenography of Aslı Çiçek, in MAD Home of Creators in Brussels.

Following a series of presentations of their work throughout Belgium, eight young architecture firms Bauclub, Every Island, Laboratoire, Linto Architecture, Pashenko Works, Sophia Holst, Studio Ruben Castro and Wissel Architecture Studio are settling down at MAD in Brussels this summer for a group exhibition.

These young firms present their architectural practice in response to the common theme Transformation through a single project, represented in models, drawings and photographs.

Across on Tour is an initiative of A+ Architecture in Belgium, in co-production with MAD Brussels, the Institut Culturel d'Architecture Wallonie Bruxelles - ICA and the Flemish Architecture Institute - VAi.