A School of Schools: travelling exhibition
Upcoming: Spring and summer 2019


Scenography projects in LUMA / Arles, FR and C-Mine Genk/ BE

The content of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial will be exhibited in two different cultural centres: LUMA Art Foundation during May 2019 and the Luma Days as well as in C-Mine Genk during summer of 2019. Aslı Çiçek is invited to design both exhibitions adapting to the distinguished spatial characteristics of the two venues. The displays made in collaboration with Lukas Wegwerth and used in Istanbul Design Biennial will be reconfigured to create new narratives in Arles and Genk.
A School of Schools is curated by Jan Boelen (B) with Vera Sachetti (CH) and Nadine Botha (NL). The travelling exhibition is co-produced by IKSV, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.